Unlock Mac with Touch ID using only your fingerprint

MacLock for Apple Watch

MacLock for Apple Watch was made with simplicity and usabillity in mind.

Wake up your Mac and a notification appears right on your watch.

You can even restart or shutdown your Mac even if it's away!


After almost a year of engineering, MacLock is ready to make you forget that you have a password!


Unlock your Mac right in your iPhone's Lockscreen without even opening the app.


Shake your iPhone to Lock your Mac. If you want even more simplicity just tap your Mac's icon.


Access MacLock wherever you are, whatever you doing. Pull down and you're ready to lock or unlock your Mac.

Unlock your Mac with Touch ID

MacLock Unlock your Mac with touch id

Unlock right in the Lock Screen

MacLock Unlock your Mac right in the lock screen

Shake to Lock

MacLock shake to lock your Mac

Shutdown or Restart

MacLock restart your Mac with touch id


MacLock use Today Widget and lock or unlock everywhere

Built with security in mind.

You should never have to worry again about your password.

Create a complex one and don't even hesitate again to write it in public places with security cameras and everyone looking at you!

MacLock uses industry standard RSA 2048-bit encryption to communicate with your Mac.